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Monica, a proud member of the Gabrielino/Tongva Nation, Acjachemen, and Mexican heritage, draws profound inspiration from her diverse cultural background, infusing her artwork with a rich tapestry of traditions. Specializing in illustration, painting, sculpture, creative writing, and digital art, she possesses a multifaceted talent that knows no bounds.


Her artistic journey began at Mount San Jacinto (MSJC), where she earned several degrees, including A.A. in Arts, A.A. in Visual Communications, A.A-T in Studio Arts, and A.A. in Liberal Arts. Furthering her education at California State University of San Marcos (CSUSM), she graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in art, Media, and Design, solidifying her expertise in the field.


Since her graduation, Monica has remained deeply connected to her roots, dedicating herself to serving local native communities. Currently employed as the project coordinator at the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center, she passionately collaborates with various native communities. Through her work, she meticulously documents their issues, traditions, and ceremonial practices, shining a spotlight on their invaluable cultural heritage.


Monica’s recent body of work comprises a captivating series of paintings, where she skillfully incorporates hands actively engaged in Native culture from diverse tribes across Turtle Island. These artworks serve as powerful tributes to the vibrant tapestry of indigenous traditions, resonating with authenticity and depth.


Beyond her painting endeavors, Monica showcases her creativity as an illustrator. Whether crafting fictitious characters, immersive environments, engaging short comics, or stunning realism, her illustrations breathe life into the fantastical and the tangible alike.


Driven by an unyielding passion for her craft, Monica remains devoted to her artistic pursuits. As long as she possesses the ability, she will continue to create, weaving narratives that bridge the past, present, and future of indigenous cultures with the stroke of her brush and the power of her imagination.



Murrieta, CA

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